Why is learning SAS important?

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SAS is one of the most popular analytic tools in the world. It is used in a variety of different fields like financial services, retail, healthcare, telecom, entertainment, hospitality, travel and sports. If you are looking to develop analytical skills and build a career in the field of business analytics, then SAS is your tool of choice.

There are many advantages to learning SAS -

  • Learning SAS increases your CV value. By learning SAS you have picked up a skill that is very much in demand today. You have, therefore, made yourself more marketable.
  • SAS skills will enable you to analyze any kind of data, derive insights from it, and use those insights to do your job better. By picking up SAS skills, you can perform better in your existing job
  • Analytics is a fast growing field. There is tremendous demand for skilled people. This demand is expected to continue to grow. And it is expected to grow faster than the supply of analytic professionals. Analytics professionals can therefore rest assured that they will stay in demand for some time to come. By picking up SAS skills, you are future proofing your career.
  • SAS is easy to learn and there is a lot of support available for it. There are numerous SAS help sites, forums and discussion boards where you can get all kinds of SAS support.
  • SAS is very suitable for big data analysis. SAS is designed to handle large amounts of data and does a good job of it. In today’s world, there is so much data around us that big data analysis tools like SAS are going to continue to be in demand.

How can you learn SAS online?

Online learning has become hugely popular in the past couple of years. Innovations in communication technology, increased connectivity and high speed internet connections have made virtual classrooms a reality.

In today’s fast paced world, it is difficult to make time to go to a classroom on a daily basis. This is especially true for working professionals. Online learning provides convenience and unmatched flexibility to participants.

Participants do not need to travel to the class.

All sessions are recorded and session recording are made available to participants. This ensures participants never miss on anything even if the miss the live class. Secondly, participants can view the recordings multiple times, skip, repeat and generally control the pace of their learning. Self paced learning is a huge advantage of online training.

SAS training can also be conducted very effectively in an online environment. Participants are taken through ppt based modules for a more classroom type training. The instructor can also demonstrate the use of SAS very effectively in a virtual classroom.

What about hands-on practice?

Hands-on learning is an integral part of any SAS training. For any SAS training to be effective, classroom type training needs to be supplemented with hands-on learning.

It is important for participants to get access to a virtual lab where they can access the software as well as the data sets. Ideally, each lecture should be followed by case study based assignments that require participants to work on the tools and perform analysis on large business data sets.

What options do I have for online SAS training?

There are many training institutes that offer physical as well as Online SAS training. Since online training is not constrained by geographical distance, one can look at training options around the world.

India has become the global hub for analytics. There are thousands of analytic professionals in India. SASHowever, it is hard to find quality training institutes in India.

One analytics training company that has been receiving rave reviews recently is Jigsaw Academy. This company has been started by IIM alumni and its faculty includes senior industry professionals with decades of experience in the field of analytics in countries like the US, UK and India.

You can learn more about Jigsaw Academy’s online SAS training courses.

Jigsaw Academy’s virtual lab is one of its kind in the world. It allows participants to access the latest tools using the language of SAS. Participants can log in to the virtual lab any time of the day, any day of the week. Participants get exposure to real industry data sets from domains like financial services, retail, CPG/FMCG, telecom, pharma and sports.

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