WPS – An Alternate to SAS

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“WPS as an alternative to SAS or rather say a good player in the market”

SAS software is expensive and carries high, unpredictable, annual licensing costs. SAS software is difficult to use, hard to understand the application use, and it drives users toward dependency on only SAS-specific solutions such as their proprietary data warehouses. To overcome with those problems, World Programming Company came up with an alternative approach to ease the programming with SAS language.


WPS is a SAS code interpreter clone and is simply another way to run SAS programs. It is beneficially used to reduce the SAS licence costs and enables the user to write the SAS program without any change in their SAS code. To interpret the SAS code using the World Programming System (WPS) is a great solution to access SAS features with less limited cost. Similar to SAS, WPS is available on multi-platforms and can smoothly handle bigger data. If you learn the SAS language then you should be able to run your code in WPS. However I must mention that some functions and procedures, are yet to be implemented in WPS. Since WPS has some issues reading/writing .sas7bdat format for datasets, it is advised to use WPS own format dataset. One can easily transform .sas7bdat to WPS format ‘.wpd’.

WPS Workbench is better than SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 because of its ease to access, at least for coding/debugging. Just like SAS support team, WPS also provides its online support team which is a very helpful and professional source.

One of the best features of WPS is its easy navigation in the WPS Workbench. It also supports the connectivity with standard databases like MySQL, Oracle, Netezza, Sybase, Teradata and many others. WPS is even proved itself capable of handleing different file formats. Even with the help of WPS, we can access all standard data file formats. To add more advantage over SAS, WPS can use programs written in the language of SAS without the need to translate them into any other language. In this regard, WPS is compatible with the SAS system. Thus we can say that WPS interprets the SAS program and produces similar results as SAS.


WPS can also provide many ways to perform SAS facilities-


–          CLI (Command Line Interpreter)

–          Workbench (IDE/GUI)

–          Remote Server Connectivity


In conclusion, we can say that WPS is the easiest way to make a SAS program run without using SAS. In order to gain SAS knowledge, WPS should be preferred as a generic alternative or a replacement and has legally won the case over SAS to be used worldwide.

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